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Very short campaign but it's a great viewpoint playing as Iden Version.

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Fun multiplayer. Add to Basket. Only 12 left in stock more on the way. It's a good enough book, which handily introduces us to the focal point of the single player campaign to Star Wars: Battlefront II.


The only shortcoming I find is that there's not really that much in terms of action for my personal tastes. Otherwise, it's a great book, one I plan on rereading. Currently unavailable.

Contrary to the one other review, it's actually pretty well narrated. It is designed for an American audience, which is unusual for some of these sorts of documentaries.

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See All Buying Options. Amazing game. I will keep this review as spoiler free as I can. Firstly, the length of story is decent- there were times when I thought I was nearly finished but then they threw us a curveball, which made for a gripping story.

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There is a few glitches, namely enemies spawning but not coming out of the areas they spawn in, which was annoying but the game has only been out a week so i accepted that. All in all the game took Ultimate Wars Stars Soundboard. Available for download now. Available Now. This is the best battlefront 2 game to ever be released.

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Only 2 left in stock. This game is a great classic sci-fi thrid preson shooter.

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This game may be old but the graphics are better and part from the original game battlefront 2 has more maps figth as a jedi and battle in space. I gived this game a 4 out of five because people who hav a s cannot play on xbox live. Almost everyone in the industry has praised how the game looks on all platforms with its visuals distinguishing it from other popular Christmas titles.

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The reviews for the single player campaign have also been largely positive, along with the quality of the multiplayer. However, fans and reviewers alike have been disappointed by the prominence of micro-transactions in the multiplayer which encourage players to spend additional money to unlock their favourite characters and more. In all, most people are fans of the game; but many are frustrated about the additional costs you can incur online once purchased.

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