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These factors combine to make it quite possibly the best sports car you can buy with a price tag south of the Porsche Boxster. The Mazda Miata may look very similar, but there's a big difference over the last year: the engine's power has been increased from horsepower to While 26 hp may not seem like a lot, it makes a huge difference in a car that weighs less than 2, pounds. The Miata also offers more packages, options, and features over the previous model year.

The Mazda Miata is powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.


While this doesn't seem like a lot in a world where you can get a Toyota Camry with over hp, it's perfect for the chassis. Not only does it connect you to the driving experience better, manual models in some trims are also equipped with a Bilstein sport suspension, a limited-slip differential, and shock tower bracing for better handling. If you get the automatic, you get a softer and less fun Miata in all aspects. The Miata comes with one of two roof types: a classic soft top or the folding metal roof found in the Miata RF. This price includes the addition of not only the roof, but also an additional multifunction display in the gauge cluster.

While the Miata eschews many features found in similarly priced vehicles for the sake of driving pleasure, the most basic models still get keyless entry, LED headlights, a six-speaker stereo, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, parking brake, and shift knob.

Higher trims are offered with heated seats, leather upholstery, traffic sign recognition, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

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For this price, you don't get much outside of the standard features previously listed. Black cloth seats are standard fare, but you get a choice of four paint colors to go with the contrasting black soft roof. It may not be much, but you don't really buy a Miata to be coddled in luxury; you buy it to drive it and the Sport works just fine for that purpose. The Club receives some performance upgrades like the Bilstein sport suspension, limited-slip differential, and front shock tower bracing on the manual models only , while also adding a nine-speaker Bose audio system with speakers in the headrests so you can hear music with the top down, heated seats, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

The Club is the lowest trim offered in the Miata RF configuration with the folding metal roof as previously mentioned, and is also available with quite a few more packages over the Sport model. Also of note, the Grand Touring is offered in a metallic blue, offering a bit more color variety to the palette of white, black, grey, and red that other trims offer.

Interestingly, the Grand Touring Package doesn't come standard with the performance upgrades of the Club trim like the Bilstein suspension, limited-slip differential, and shock tower bracing. Mazda sees the Club as the trim more focused toward performance while the Grand Touring is more oriented for overall driver enjoyment, and is therefore a bit softer.

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If you're buying a Mazda MX-5 Miata, get one with a manual transmission. If you don't know how to drive a manual but still want a Miata, find a friend who'll teach you the basics, then buy the manual Miata and hone your skills on it.

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The manual transmission is a cornerstone of the overall Miata experience, creating one more point of connection between the driver and the machine. More power. Although displacement remains the same for the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the automaker has done some serious tweaking of the 2. The engine happily revs to 7, up from 6, , while horsepower stands at up from The result is an upping of the already high engagement factor between driver and machine with higher revs, greater speed, and a more robust sound. Ride and handling. The Miata is the perfect small sports car.

Handling is sharp, and throttle response is immediate. Feedback through the steering wheel which now tilts and telescopes and brake pedal is spectacular, and the slick six-speed manual transmission and firm-but-not-stiff clutch our choice make the MX-5 drivable in stop-and-go traffic, while back roads corners are carved with the precision of a surgeon. You can firm up the double wishbone front and multilink rear suspension by choosing a manually-equipped Club or Grand Touring model — the latter equipped with the optional GT-S package.

But consider both with caution, unless track days are the highlight of your calendar. Good fuel economy. Despite the increase in power, fuel economy remains the same as last year. Manually-equipped models score an EPA-estimated 26 miles per gallon in the city, 34 mpg on the highway, and 29 combined for either the convertible or RF hardtop.

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For comparison, the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are rated at 24 mpg combined with manual transmissions and 27 combined with automatics. Lovely to look at. Perfectly proportioned from its beginnings with a long hood and short trunk, the newest generation, unveiled three years ago, adds a number of expressive touches with sharper creases, slim, rakish headlights, bulging fenders, and a flat trunk that accentuates the concave upper rear fascia.

Likewise, the cozy interior is restrained without looking spartan. The shifter falls easily to hand, the pedals are perfectly placed for heel-and-toe shifting, while the highly-sculpted body-colored door sills bring some of the outside inside. At the same time, the touchscreen looks out of place, the infotainment software is kludgy, the cup holders are hilariously out of reach, the volt outlet is located in the passenger's footwell, while the infotainment controller is placed directly under the driver's forearm — more than once we unintentionally changed radio stations and the audio source.

Final thoughts. A modern interpretation of the classic British roadster, the fun and affordable Mazda MX-5 Miata is the perfect second vehicle, even in winter a fact we can attest to, provided you install a good set of winter tires. Monday - Sunday 9am to 6pm. DS DS. Please choose a manufacturer or view all manufacturers.

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The Mazda MX-5 is a back to basics, purists sports car. It allows you to enjoy every aspect that driving has to offer without breaking the bank, its handling is sublime thanks to the rear-wheel drive setup and the soft-top roof means you can enjoy the wind blasting through your hair and make the most of the warm summer days. Here at All Car Leasing, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best deals - take a look at our latest offers below to see how much you could save by choosing us to provide your next car.

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